Best Three Manufacturers for Aroma Diffuser

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Home is where the heart is. Create your own blissful sanctuary with this sleek compact Sweet Aroma Diffuser, offering big features without taking up precious space. Breathing new life to your space. Enjoy a harmony of aromatic notes, choosing between two diffusion modes, for up to eight hours of optimal calm. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a mantelpiece or coffee table


List of the Best AROMA DIFFUSER Manufacturers


  2. Keri
  3. Puzhen


Outstanding Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd


Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): Shanghai City, China

Year Established: 1998

Outstanding Design & Manufacture Co., Ltd., established in 1998, You can contact TOP 1 factory at Phone/WhatsApp:+ 86-18621693186, lucy@; Our products include incense gift sets, different kinds of candles (votive candles, tea lights, tapers, scented candles, decorative candles, Christmas candles&), glass candle holders, ceramic candle holders, wood bases, wooden holders, candle gift sets, aroma home gift sets, scented cushions, potpourri gift sets, gift sets for bath, oil burners, reed diffuser sets, home decorations, porcelain & ceramics and other products

Products & Services Offered 

 Aroma Diffuser, Reed Diffuser, Car Diffuser, Essential Oil, Scented Candle,


Foshan Nanhai Keri Electronic Co., Ltd




Keri, founded in 2001, focuses on the integration and innovation of ultrasonic atomization technology applications. It has 38,000 square meters of self-built factories. KERI Keri and Ultransmit are two independent brands. It is the only industry in the industry that runs through devices, accessories, and components to applications. A technology-based group of technical service solutions for the entire industrial chain including finished products and engineering.



Puzhen Life Co., Ltd



Established in 2005, Puzhen initially produced quality products such as household decorations and gifts. In 2012, with the creation of the brand name of Puzhen, various series of products including those of aroma diffusers, tea culture, ceramics and porcelain (tea ware), linen, lamps, health care, sound and garments were developed. Concept: Searching for true self and returning to the spiritual realm of purity The full moon goes and the half moon comes. Life flows away. Life, aging, illness and death, one comes after the other. Only heavenly love and kindness for the universe lasts forever. Where does life come from and to where does it go being relieved from the secular world, identifying the true self, and returning to the purely spiritual realm This is the choice of life. Puzhen Life: Puzhen Life inherits the cultural tradition of China. By integrating the way of tea, the treatment of fragrance, the naturalness of linen, the beauty of utensils, the music of rituals and the ways of health care in ordinary life, Puzhen builds a pure, natural and balanced space for life, regenerates our spirits, enlightens us on the importance of cherishing purity and finally enables us to engage in a state of heaven-man harmony. Team: Puzhen is exactly the team that inherits and creates the way of living that enables our mind to return to the realm of purity

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